Ayesha Studio's Favorite Things

posted on Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Still lots of our favorite gift ideas sparkling on our holiday tree. View our window live at Ayesha Studio Jewelry, 21 North Dean St, Englewood, NJ.


Ayesha Studio Jewelry Windows

posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Our window displays are our eyes onto the world. They are designed to inspire the viewer to wonder what a journey inside the studio might reveal. We are inspired by the holidays, a special promotion, something we may have seen in our travels, a compelling photo portrait or simply an image or idea that we love.

But mostly anything goes, we leave our window open for expression so that passerbys get a taste from the outside what might lie inside. As long as we catch someone's wandering eye, the window will continue to be one of our favorite customer facing tools.  

SIMM Bracelet

posted on Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

To keep the creative spirit alive and well sometimes we turn the studio into a space with which to explore new directions. The SIMM bracelet came out of just such a weekend in the studio. the SIMM bracelet features resin embedded miniature characters encased within sterling bezels. This and more on view in our Englewood, N.J. studio.   

Alternative Bridal

posted on Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

So many engagement rings to choose from. All handmade in my studio in Englewood NJ. Come have a conversation with me and I'll help you find a ring that best matches your personality and your lifestyle. If you have your own stone that you'd like to use, I can work with it too. 

'Stiletto' Earrings

posted on Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Thin, Sophisticated, and Interchangeable. Choose Green Onyx, Aquamarine, Pearl, Gold and Diamonds. Search 'Driftwood' collection. 


What to do with gemstones you've had for years

posted on Sunday, May 15th, 2016

You've inherited diamonds or found a beautiful stone on vacation.  Maybe you have old jewelry you don't wear any more.  What should you do with them?  Why not bring them into my studio so we can create something together.  I'm always up for the challenge of creating pieces that you can enjoy everyday.  

Here is just such a project I worked on recently.


"I'd like to put my engagement diamond and my mother's in the same piece"

The rings themselves were well worn down from many years of wear, and the diamonds were old mine cut stones...... a nice size and well worth saving. She wanted the diamonds together in one piece and wasn't particularly interested in a ring.   This is what we made in 18K yellow gold

"....I also have my Mom's anniversary band?"

As a designer, I love creating pieces that work together.  To this end, I suggested making another cuff.  This one, also in 18K yellow gold, can be worn with the cuff above.

"My family inherited a group of rings no one wears. Can we do something with them too?"

The cuff on the top of this stack was created in 18k white gold.  Five diamonds from various rings were brought together to create a "bouquet" that would finish off the bracelet group.  This is the end result: cuffs that could be worn individually or in a group.  

After we completed the project, Wendy sent me this lovely testimonial:-

"I looked for two years after my mother passed to find a design in which I could incorporate the stones from some of her personal jewelry, but with no luck -- and then I discovered Ayesha!   Her design vision is simply the best, she is a delight to collaborate with, and the quality of her work is superb -- of the highest order.   I wear one or more of the bracelets every day, and each serves as a visible reminder of my mother's loving presence in my life."   ---Wendy D, Customer

A Journey to Brazil

posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Difficult to say precisely from what source inspiration arrives. This complicated algorithm is not easily measured, but it is easy to imagine the heart, the mind and the eye as fully inspired by journeys taken off the beaten path and to foreign countries where the culture inspires us to reimagine accustomed ways of doing, seeing and experiencing. This 2 minute video tracks my recent Journey to Brazil. The size of the country and thus the size of the experience makes for a tale that is not easy to tell. The journey starts in the architect, Oscar Niemeyer, inspired capital city of Brasilia then continues south to the colonial city of Pirenopolis and concludes with the more visually complicated city of Rio de Janiero. Much like the method we use to intake impressions, the video jumps around in a non linear style to form a total  impression of a very large and inspired journey. 

The Making of the Gold Bouquet Ring

posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

 A close up look at the making of an Ayesha Studio perennial favorite, The Gold Bouquet Ring.