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by Ayesha Mayadas December 27, 2020

It is not uncommon to see spectacular stones set in rings so conventional that the setting actually diminishes the beauty of the stone.  I have often heard customers say "I hate my diamond," but just until they see their stone re-created with a whole new look.   It makes them fall in love with their diamond all over again.  

Here is one such story.....

This 2.2 ct pear shaped diamond was in a prong setting flanked by baguette shaped diamonds.

Not only was it not interesting, but it was not the right ring to mate with the beautiful anniversary band that the customer acquired many years later.     

The anniversary band with 1/2 carat diamonds all around, posed its own challenges.  Due to the depth of the 1/2 ct stones, the platinum anniversary band naturally sits higher off the finger.  Try finding a ring to stack over that!  Our solution was this:

1) Design a simple platinum solitaire setting with a sideways stone orientation.
2) Raise the height of the shank to match the height of the anniversary band.  This way the new ring will stack with the new band.  Maintain as thin a shank as possible to keep the stack compact.
3) Add a simple gold wedding band to add even more versatility and texture to this stack.  It couldn't be just any gold band.  The dimensions were critical so it would mate well with both the anniversary band and the new diamond solitaire. 

And Voila!   A modern conversion that makes you fall in love all over again!


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