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by Ayesha Mayadas April 09, 2020

Difficult to say precisely from what source inspiration arrives. This complicated algorithm is not easily measured, but it is easy to imagine the heart, the mind and the eye as fully inspired by journeys taken off the beaten path and to foreign countries where the culture inspires us to reimagine accustomed ways of doing, seeing and experiencing. This 2 minute video tracks my recent journey to Brazil. The size of the country and thus the size of the experience makes for a tale that is not easy to tell. The journey starts in the architect, Oscar Niemeyer, inspired capital city of Brasilia then continues south to the colonial city of Pirenopolis and concludes with the more visually complicated city of Rio de Janiero. Much like the method we use to intake impressions, the video jumps around in a non-linear style to form a total impression of a very large and inspired journey. 





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