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by Ayesha Mayadas June 04, 2021

People are very forgiving of cuffs and bracelets that constantly turn on their wrist.  Why should they be?  Wouldn't it be nice if bracelets effortlessly stayed facing up? 


I began to explore the possibility of weighting the bracelet to see if gravity would solve the problem for me. To start, each bracelet is forged out by hand to maintain 60 to 70% of its weight in the bottom half of the bracelet. All design elements placed at the top are carefully selected so weight balance can be maintained.   These bracelets open at the top.  They slide over the hand and a catch placed at or under the design element, closes it securely.    The forging of the metal imparts the spring tension needed to maintain the shape of the bracelet for the long term.  

Thus the No-Spin bracelet came to be.

It has turned out to be a simple and elegant solution.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of design possibilities.  Take a look at some of our current designs.  There's a men's version too.  Also, consider resetting some of your heirloom stones in this design.  See the collection here.

Watch this tutorial on how to put on these cuffs


Peek into the studio and catch a glimpse of the latest in-progress works and one-of-a-kind pieces.